Being at home during this pandemic made me realise (amongst other things) how blessed I have been with my family, house and constant supply of banana bread. It also made me realise that for many people, this pandemic does not just mean dealing with the frustrations of living under house arrest. Across the country, there are an estimated 160,000 homeless households, whilst the number of rough sleepers in the UK is estimated to rise by 76% in the next decade without government action. For these people, the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to more uncertainty about where their food will come from, more renters needing housing advice and support and high rates of transmission of the disease for those unable to protect themselves.

Crisis, however, provides a vital hope for many people in these impossible circumstances. Alongside the usual support, advice and courses they provide for the homeless, they are also responding directly to the COVID-19 pandemic. This involves delivering ‘essentials’ packages to the homeless, providing people with mobiles so that they can keep in contact with family and keep up to date with health advice and distributing donations to local shelters and charities. This allows them to support the homeless across the country, through part of a co-ordinated national response.

During the pandemic many charities, Crisis included, will see great losses through the cancellation of fundraisers and events, which are essential in enabling them to complete their life-changing work. It’s now more important that we continue to support them, and help protect the vulnerable in our society.

If you would like to donate directly to our fundraising page, please see the link below. Furthermore, if you are able to gift aid any donations please consider donating via just giving and purchasing your scrunchie separately, as this will enable your gift to go further.

Thank you all for your continued support. Your generosity is bringing hope to some of the darkest situations, and any gift, big or small, will truly make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable.